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Courage and Valour is an oral history series in which New Zealand veterans tell the story of their experiences in the Italian Campaign in the Second World War. You can listen online or download the episodes as MP3 files to your iPod, smart phone, laptop or any other MP3 playing device, for free.

Please spread the word about this series, the more who listen – the wider spread this fantastic history will be heard. Younger generations have very little idea what happened in Italy in 1943-1945, and the important role that New Zealanders played there in helping to rid Italy of its Fascist and Nazi oppressors.

To access the episodes currently available, click the episode titles below in the menu. You’ll be taken to that episode’s own page and there you’ll find the podcast episode and also a link to more information such as photos, maps and other items relating to that show. It is planned to add a new episode each month, and the last line in the menu will advertise the next episode that will be released soon.

If you choose to Download the episode to keep or to listen to later on another device, be aware that if you click on “Download” and it starts playing rather than downloading to your hard drive it means your web browser is set up to play only. The easy solution is go back & right-click on “Download” and select the Save option (“Save As” or “Save Link As”). Then select your hard drive destination and hit “Save”.

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Coming Next РApproximately April-May 2015
Episode 12 РThe Armour