Episode 3 – Castel Frentano And Orsogna

In this third episode in the Courage And Valour series we hear from veterans of the New Zealand Infantry remembering their part in the battles to take the German regional headquarters and the nearby village of Castel Frentano, and their attempt to also capture the stronghold village of Orsogna.

As well as battling the Germans, these kiwi troops had to also contend with weather they’d never struck before, battling the cold, the mud, the rain and the heavy snowfalls. This campaign lasted from November 1943 through to late January 1944.

Featuring in order of this episode:
Colin Murray (24 Battalion)
Harry Hopping (24 Battalion)
Galvan Garmonsway (24 Battalion)
Pat Green (24 Battalion)
Gordon Briggs (23 Battalion)
Fred Blank (24 Battalion)
Maurie Hodgson (26 Battalion)
Ted “Bluey” Homewood (21 Battalion)
Jack Cummins (22 Battalion)
Norm Harris (24 Battalion)

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes 9 seconds
Narration provided by Jason McQuarters
Recordings and Editing by Dave Homewood
Produced by Dave Homewood

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19 comments to Episode 3 – Castel Frentano And Orsogna

  • Robynne Briggs

    Dear Dave
    What an amazing effort yourself (and others) have put together.It’s something that I can pass on to my children and grandchildren. Dad never spoke to us about WW 2 until recently and this me some incite they were put through. Thank you.
    At the end are you putting a little booklet?
    (Gordon’s daughter)

    • Dave Homewood

      Thanks Robynne, I appreciate the feedback and I’m very glad that you’re learning not only a bit about the kiwis who fought in Italy but also your own Dad’s history. I have not yet thought that far ahead but it’s possible a book could maybe be produced I guess, sometime way down the track. Cheers, Dave

  • Perry Rowe

    Hi Dave

    It would be nice if you could put photos of the veterans on the page so we can put a face to the voice.

  • jenny

    I enjoyed listening to this episode. Now looking forward to the next. Thanks Dave.

  • Richard Fitzgerald

    Hi Dave
    Thank you very much for putting this together. I have tried for some years to find out what happened to my Uncle Terry. His service record is in such detail until his last three weeks then there is nothing just KIA Also fascinating to hear Pat talking about my late father Colin



    • Dave Homewood

      Hi Richard, I am so pleased that my recordings have been of personal interest to you like this. The story was a sad one but now knowing that you have finally found out what happened to your uncle makes me very pleased indeed.

  • Bruce Mackintosh

    Dear Dave

    I have just returned from Castel Frentano and Orsogna as my Uncle was killed there while driving some of his mates from 27 MG Battalion who were going on leave. It wasn’t at the “mad mile” around the brickworks talked about here but at another targeted area called “shell alley”. Listening to these guys I can picture the places they are talking about.

    You have added immensely to my visit with your taped treasures.

    Thank you


  • Louise Voullaire-Drake

    My father was a tankee in Orsonga during that period. His name was Dick Voullaire. If you put a book together please let me know. Thanks very much.

  • mm

    very helpful to get a feel for how it was etc

    thanks very much to all involved

  • mm

    2 of my family were rnzaf bomber command
    and my father flew in the Pacific war Guadacanal etc

    thanks again

  • Nicolette Paglioni

    Hi Dave,

    I’m doing a video for my master’s degree about Orsogna and I’d love to use clips from your podcast! I had family in Orsogna during the battle and I’m trying to capture their memories before they’re gone. Would love to have the New Zealand side included. Thank you!

    • Dave Homewood

      Hi Nicolette, please feel free to use clips from the episode. Just make sure that Courage And Valour is given a credit at the end.

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