Courage And Valour
New Zealanders in the Italian Campaign

Extra Information - Episode Three
Castel Frentano and Orsogna


Here is some extra info to accompany the third episode of Courage And Valour: New Zealanders In The Italian Campaign.

Speakers in order of this episode:
- Colin Murray
- Harry Hopping
- Galvan Garmonsway
- Pat Green
- Gordon Briggs
- Fred Blank
- Maurie Hodgson
- Ted "Bluey" Homewood
- Jack Cummins
- Norm Harris

Above: Officers looking towards Castel Frentano and Orsogna
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Castel Frentano in the snow
(Colin Murray's collection)

A Jeep that took a direct hit from a German shell at Castel Frentano
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Orsogna area under snow
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Looking towards Orsogna
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Above: The 24 Battalion Padre, the Reverend Reginald Judson, who
Pat Green accompanied on the daylight hunt for missing man Terry Fitzgerald.
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Castel Frentano area
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Above: A bivvy near orsogna
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Above: 24 Battalion Commanding Officers at Castel Frentano
I believe they are, from left to right, Major A.G. Steel, Captain H.H. McDonald, Captain J.D. Jepson, Ray "Sconer" Boord (24 Battalion Adjutant), Captain G. Butler, Connolly, Captain A.R. Stewart, Captain Finlay Phillips, Major G.G. Turbott, Lieutenant-Colonel Ted Aked and Captain A.H. Ramsay
(Colin Murray's collection)

Above: Looking toward Orsogna before the bombing by Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk divebombers
(Colin Murray's collection)

Above: Looking toward Orsogna during the bombing
(Colin Murray's collection)





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