Episode 2 – Into Italy, Into Battle

Episode Two:
In this episode we hear veterans talking about the New Zealand Division’s preparations in Egypt, for the impending invasion of Italy, and then their arrival on Italian soil.

They tell of the further training near Taranto and Bari and then moving up to the front line, where the 2nd NZ Division went into action, crossing the freezing and dangerously swollen Sangro River into enemy territory, and taking their objectives including the village of Marabella.

Fred Blank (24 Battalion)
Jack Cumming (22 Battalion)
Galvan Garmonsway (24 Battalion)
Pat Green (24 Battalion)
Norm Harris (24 Battalion)
Ted ‘Bluey’ Homewood (21 Battalion)
Harry Hopping (24 Battalion)
Colin Murray (24 Battalion)
Bob O’Brien (24 Battalion)

Duration: 56 minutes 39 seconds
Narration provided by Jason McQuarters
Recordings and Editing by Dave Homewood
Produced by Dave Homewood

For some photos relating to this episode please click here:

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