Courage And Valour
New Zealanders in the Italian Campaign

Extra Information - Episode Two
Into Italy, Into Battle


Here is some extra info to accompany the second episode of Courage And Valour: New Zealanders In The Italian Campaign.

Above: The Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Egypt. Very familiar to the 2nd NZ Division. (Harry Hopping's collection)

Egypt (Harry Hopping's collection)

Mena Camp, Egypt (Harry Hopping's collection)

On the 100 mile march to Alexandria (Harry Hopping's collection)

Above: The 100 mile route march in Egypt. The cross is above Colin Murray.
(Colin Murray's collection)

Embarking at Alexandria for Taranto
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Above: A bombed out hotel in Taranto
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Above: In the rain at Taranto. Note the bivouac tents in the trees
(Colin Murray's collection)

The 24 Battalion postman after a storm at Taranto
(Harry Hopping's collection)

Above: The River area at Taranto. Note the encampment in the distance
(Colin Murray's collection)

Above: A sign in Italy warning of malaria. (Colin Murray's collection)

Above: The Sangro River (Norm Harri's collection)

Above: A grave in the Sangro region (Colin Murray's collection)

Above: The grave of Cambridge soldier Trevor Beer, killed in the crossing of the Sangro when he trod on a mine (Colin Murray's collection)

Above: More graves at the Sangro (Colin Murray's collection)

Above: Snake Gully, B Echelon, in the Sangro River zone
(Colin Murray's collection)









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