Episode 6 – After Cassino

In this episode we continue with the story of the New Zealand infantrymen after they were moved out of Cassino township, following the battle and stalemate they’d endured there.

Following a brief respite to recover, they were moved into the mountains to the Belvedere-Terelle line, where they were to push the Germans out of the area around the village of Terelle.

Following intensive fighting there, they pushed the Nazis back and moved down the slopes toward the Liri Valley fighting their way through several small villages before finally taking Sora. Here the Division rested before the next phase of battle.

This period of the campaign is interesting in that very few veterans spoken with in the making of this series had much memory of the mountain warfare and the eventual move into Sora.  Compared with the ever vivid recall of the fight in Cassino township before this period, much of the memories have faded for many of the veterans. So this episode features the stories just five infantrymen, however I am sure you’ll agree they tell some great stories about this period of the campaign.

Featuring in order of their first appearance in this episode:

Harry Hopping (24 Battalion)
Clem Hollies (21 Battalion)
Colin Murray (24 Battalion)
Pat Green (24 Battalion)
Fred Blank (24 Battalion)


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