Episode 9 – Trieste and War’s End

This episode covers the New Zealand Infantrymen of the 2nd NZ Division who had been sitting for months at the Senio River. We follow their story as they break out north in the spring offensive, rolling north up through the top of Italy all the way to Trieste, where the war ended. But the kiwis found themselves facing another very potential enemy in that city, the Communist forces of Yugoslavia.

In this episode you’ll hear:
Ray Moncur – Divisional Signals
Ted Waters – 21 Battalion
Nolan Raihania – 28 Battalion
Te Puhi Patara  – 28 Battalion
Morris Johnstone  – 27 Battalion
Harry Shirley  – 21 Battalion
Gordon Briggs  – 23 Battalion
Norrie Miller  – 22 Battalion
Ted “Bluey” Homewood  – 21 Battalion
Pat Green – 24 Battalion
Haddon Donald – 22 Battalion
Aubrey Balzer – 28 Battalion
Norm Harris  – 24 Battalion

2 comments to Episode 9 – Trieste and War’s End

  • Dave,

    Another excellent piece and very moving – fantastic voices and memories.

    My dear old Dad’s mob were mighty glad to get up to the Po in their Kangaroos during April 1945, ..it’d been a hard 2 1/2 year slog for my Dad and his mates all the way up from Algiers..via Bou Arada, Centuripe, Termoli, Monte Castellone, Sanfatucchio, Castel del Rio, the Senio floodbanks et al..next stop Villach and back home to ‘erne ‘ill in March 1946.

    best wishes

  • Dave Homewood

    Thanks very much for the feedback, Richard. I’m glad you enjoyed this episode.

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