Episode 11 – The Engineers

Episode Eleven:

In this episode we hear stories from Engineers of the  New Zealand Army who served in Italy. The Engineers performed a myriad of important tasks that kept the Army moving forward, from building bridges over rivers and canals were previous bridges had been blown by the retreating Germans; to mine laying and mine clearing; to building construction, road repair and vehicle maintenance. In this bumper sized episode you’ll hear the memories of several Engineers who were there.

Ted Gatfield (7 Mechanical Equipment Company, Headquarters, NZ Engineers)
Tom McClennan (7th Field Engineers)
Eric Bullen (2nd NZ Divisional Engineers)
Ted Lees (Field Engineers)
Stan Wall (Field Engineers)
Pat Green (24 Battalion)

Duration:  2 hours 21 minutes  53 seconds
Narration provided by Dave Homewood
Recordings and Editing by Dave Homewood
Produced by Dave Homewood


2 comments to Episode 11 – The Engineers

  • Dave Veart

    Many thanks for this. Great to hear my father mentioned (Albie Veart) and to also hear Eric Bullen, who I think told us more about my father’s war than he ever did…also Ted Lees another Independent Company trainee who once shared memories of life at Wilson’s Promontory.

  • Dave Homewood

    Thanks for the feedback Dave, I am very pleased that you enjoyed it. Interesting to hear that Ted was in the Independent Company at Wilson’s Promontory, Bob O’Brien who appears earlier in the series was one of those chaps too, NZ Army’s first Special Forces in WWII.

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