The Site Is Open!

Brilliant, after more than four years of hard work trying to pull together this project I am so pleased that at around 2.00am this morning I was able to announce to the world that the Courage And Valour website is up and running, and the first two episodes are available to download.

A HUGE thanks to my good mate Grant McHerron who has helped me with all the technical side of getting the website onto the server and getting the blog and episode pages set up. Grant has been fantastic, working with me to all hours of the morning over several nights to get all aspects of the site just right.

Now that the site is online and live I can build on things from here. Each month I hope to add a new episode to the archive, with around 20 episodes in total currently planned and several in various stages of editing right now. So keep following the Courage And Valour project on Facebook and here on the Production Log. This is only the beginning! Woohoo!!

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