New Narrator For The Series

Sadly our professional narrator Jason McQuaters has had to pull out of the Courage And Valour project due to work and family pressures not allowing him the time he’d have liked to commit to the series. So from Episode 5 onwards I will be taking up the narration myself. This will make it easier to put shows together as I can chop and change narration much more easily if something new comes up, etc. But sadly I’m not a trained radio professional like Jason so the quality won’t be so smooth. I apologise in advance. I hope however you’ll all near with me and continue to listen to the series regardless because it’s not about Jason or me at the end of the day, the important voices are the WWII veterans in the series who make Courage And Valour so special.

I want to thank Jason for his hard work on the series up till now.  I wouldn’t have felt confident enough to launch the series to the public without you. Cheers mate!

Dave Homewood

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