A Productive Week

I am pleased to say I had a productive week last week in regards to the Courage And Valour Series.

On Friday the 6th of June I visited and interviewed Don Adams and then Ted Waters in Auckland. Both men were in 21 Battalion in Italy.

Ten on Monday the 9th I interviewed Charlie Beresford who was an RNZAF pilot in WWII. He flew Royal Air Force Vickers Wellington bombers from North Africa attacking the Axis targets in Sicily and Italy. Then he later converted to Consolidated B-24 Liberators, flying from Foggia in Italy.

On Wednesday the 11th of June I visited Mona Corlett in Hamilton, and interviewed her about her years as a nurse in Italy, mostly with No. 1 General Hospital. And that afternoon I returned once again to record more from 24 Battalion veteran Pat Green.

All in all a good week with some excellent memories recorded.

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