Courage And Valour Extras
More Memories of the New Zealanders in the Italian Campaign 1943-1945

On this page we plan to present any extra stories that may not have made it into the Courage and Valour series. They will include Italy Campaign stories that are recorded subsequently to the release of the series, if any more veterans are interviewed. There will also be some stories that didn't fit into the series but were told by the veterans, such as about campaigns or units they served in before they got to Italy.

Also it's hoped that the public might get involved and send in any letters, diaries, poems, song lyrics, articles, photos and other material to build up an archive of Italy Campaign stories here on the site. over time it is hoped this section will continue to grow. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates, here

Courage And Valour Audio Extras:

•  The Rubicon

•  Pat Green: Wounded At El Alamein

  Kay de Lautour


Courage And Valour Extra Information: Supporting The Episodes

•  Extra Information: Episode One - Joining The Army And Training in New Zealand

•  Extra Information: Episode Two - Into Italy, Into Battle

•  Extra Information: Episode Three - Castel Frentano And Orsogna

•  Extra Information - Episode Four - Cassino Part One

•  Extra Information - Episode Five - Cassino Part Two

•  Extra Information - Episode Six - After Cassino

•  Extra Information - Episode Seven - Towards Florence


Other Extras

•  Extra - Diary Of A Signalman


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